Ill-Fated: The Act of Private Rituals and Chance in the Role of Magical Thinking
Tara Bhattacharya Reed

The artist will be in residence every Saturday during the month of September.

Sometimes I am held captive by my own psychological topography, no mercy, no release, incapacitated. At other times, I'm a transient, wandering an infinite terrain over and over, waiting for a colossal fragmentation to appear in the space-time continuum to make my great escape.

Using myself as a conduit, for this project at DDP I aim to expose rituals manifested by magical thinking and psychological trauma through performance art, installation and sonic inquiry. I aim to reconstruct new neural pathways of thought and behavior from current automatic patterns of thinking and responses to distress, disturbance and superstition. The audience will be invited to observe and monitor the failures and triumphs of my attempts to reenact private acts of ritual and counteract associated automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors through exercises involving disruption and disengagement. Visitors  will be requested to participate in certain exercises during of the run of this show.

Live performance will take place every Saturday during September. Please check the description to see if the project requires participation (p) or if it's non-participatory (np) and follow my Dissociation blog on Tumblr during the exhibition for daily observations and reflections on this project. Project themes will be announced on this Facebook event page the Wednesday before the weekend of the scheduled show. Please check in.

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