Catastrophe Parade by A.D. Burton
Anthony Rundblade

Opening: August 5, 2018, 9am–12pm

The artist will be in attendance every Saturday & Sunday 9am–3pm

Catastrophe Parade by A.D. Burton is an exhibition inspired by a found poem and painting by the author and artist A.D. Burton. The poem appears to be a series of largely American news headlines appropriated from print and broadcast media, creating a disjointed and unstable tableau. The found painting is a watercolor depicting an occupant-less farmhouse secured behind razor wire—isolated, but otherwise unaffected. Together these found articles influenced a series of sculptures and prints intended to reflect the anxiety, obsession, inaccessibility, lack of control, and fevered excitement produced by a sensationalized, 24-hr news cycle. The exhibition reflects two simultaneous truths—the manipulative effect a continually produced narrative has on its viewership, as well as, the necessity of an informed populace, capable of understanding the nuanced complexity of media reports. Surely, the despair felt today, as it has been felt in past decades to varying degrees, cannot exist without the opposing hope and momentum to progress to a point of equilibrium.

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