February 2018

all on the line

Robert Jackson Harrington

If you love 2-D artworks for their muscular looks, powerful performance, and rugged capabilities, you should be excited about the month of February. That’s because it’s 2-D Art Month, and there is no better time of the year to celebrate art, learn about art, and get great deals on some of the best artworks on the market today. Robert Jackson Harrington places it All on the Line and makes some of the highest conceptual and most functional artworks out there, and he is spending all month long celebrating the men and women who appreciate artwork for work, play, or both. If this spounds like you, head down to Dirty Dark Place in the Kyle Flea Market and help us celebrate. This is what you can expect.

Lots of exciting things happen during 2-D Art Month. As any true artwork enthusiast knows, these drawings, collages and prints have changed a lot in recent years. Today’s patrons demand new levels of economy, comforts, and all-purpose capabilities without sacrificing any of the features their artwork has provided in the past. Robert Jackson Harrington heard the call and offered redesigned and updated versions of some of his most popular drawings, collages and prints beginning last year. 2-D Art Month is designed to introduce artwork lovers to this new generation of artwork, and give them the opportunity to inspect the whole inventory up close. If you have heard about Robert Jackson Harrington innovations but not experienced them yourself, 2-D Art Month is a great opportunity to get caught up.

We have been looking forward to this unprecedented celebration for a while now. Head down to Dirty Dark Place in the Kyle Flea Market to join in all the fun that we have planned. Throughout the month, we will have soda, water and other offers available for people who love art as much as we do.

Robert Jackson Harrington
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